Hello and thank you for visiting my latest blog site.  My name is Melissa Buehler and I am currently a student of Physical Therapy at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN.  My intention for this blog is to promote the practice of physical therapy to a level of excellence that I feel the profession can live up to.  This includes health & wellness, injury preventative, performance enhancement, nutrition, pain management, and of course rehabilitation of all injuries, musculoskeletal and degenerative.  I have a special interest in exploring the role of the mind in relation to the body, such as in neuromuscular control of movement, proprioception and central sensitization of pain.  Some say the brain is one of the final frontiers (or was that space?) in medicine and I hope to harness it’s powers to accomplish the above goals for physical therapy.

I personally have an interest in mountain/gravity sports.  I am a seasoned rock & mountain climber and love exploring all the other fun ways to enjoy the outdoors.  I have a passion for interprofessional collaboration in the clinic and hope to open a “Mountain Center” one day where one can go to a single clinic in order to get all the medical services needed.  The “Mountain Center” will have MDs, Natropaths, PTs, OTs, AT, Psychologist, dietitians, social workers, etc all under one roof to promote health and wellness and meet the needs of the local community.  This might seem a bit idealistic, but I have allowed myself 10 years to complete this goal.  Please join me for this journey!

pic of me & hazel
My furry friend, Hazel, and I (Fall 2015)

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