Yoga as Therapy

Low Back Pain

Many experts claim to have the answer to LBP, but each low back condition is unique to the person.  There is not one “catch all” solution to such a multi-faceted issue.  The fields of physical therapy and Yoga have skills to address this issue and complement each other’s practice.  When disciplines work together, the patient experience is only enhanced. The physical therapist and yoga studios can refer patients to each other.  If the yoga teacher and physical therapist worked under the same roof, the communication, trust and care for their clients would be enhanced.  In a studio like this, students will be able to receive the individualized care necessary to restore their backs and avoid chronic conditions.  Yoga can also be used individually for therapeutic exercise.  This model would work the best if the physical therapist was trained in yoga therapy.

If the two disciplines are unable to to come together, they can at least borrow techniques and knowledge from one another.  Physical therapists need to incorporate more mind body awareness and meditation into their practice.  Yoga teachers may want to incorporate more education and individualized approach to their back care class.  Studios may need to reduced class sizes and offer series that address postural syndromes, dysfunction, derangement and chronic pain.  Offering diverse yoga classes for low back pain allows students to get the best care possible.  Yoga can be an excellent intervention for LBP, it just needs to be applied appropriately.